Check Out This Young Designer!

Name: Cassandra Millerunnamed-2

Location: Marist College, Poughkeepsie, NY

Highest Level of Education: Currently pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree

Ability Level: Advanced

Type of Sewing: Fashion design, garment sewing, dressmaker

Occupation: Full time student

Are you available for hire or seeking internship opportunities?: Yes, I am seeking internship opportunities or part-time jobs!

When I applied for the Fashion Design Program at Marist College I had no experience with sewing, garment construction or dressmaking. I did however have a passion for creating designs and the determination to learn the ways of the trade. After a few semesters of learning the basics of sewing, pattern making, and draping we were expected to turn our sketches into 3D renderings.

unnamed-1 In the beginning, I liked nothing less than sewing. For me and many of my design friends the sewing process was a means to an end. We were in charge of showcasing and presenting our designs, and the only way to do so was to sew the garments ourselves. Sewing was a necessary and unavoidable part of the process. I powered through hours in the studio of endless sewing, believing that one day I would simply sketch and drape for my collection and a seamstress would take care of the rest. It has taken me almost a year and a half to realize that sewing isn’t something our professors make us do to test us. It’s not a necessary evil or means to an end. Sewing is an integral part of the design process that I have come to appreciate and respect.  


Designing requires the understanding of garment construction, pattern making, and technical and professional sewing skills. Instead of simply sketching a dress or a jacket, now I know where I want to place my darts or how to finish the collar I just designed. Sewing has allowed me to bring my two dimensional illustrations into wearable fashion. It’s an amazing and gratifying feeling to be able to conceptualize an idea and hours later make that vision a reality. I can now say that I look forward to each day when I go to the studio, get my hands on a sewing machine, and start creating.

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4 thoughts on “Check Out This Young Designer!

  1. Hi Cassey,
    It’s Mr. G, Just wanted to say and how proud I am of you. I attribute your success to all of the home tutoring you received when you got your concussion. LOL. Looks like you are doing well. Congrats.
    Mr. G


  2. Hi Cassie: I’m so happy to see your creative work! I love seeing my former students doing well as young adults. Enjoy your college years.

    Warm regards,

    Ms. McArdle


  3. Cassie, How exciting for you–it looks as though you have found your passion. I look forward to seeing your designs gracing the cover of Vogue magazine in a few years! Mrs. Gibbons


  4. Cassey,
    Well done- you deserve all of your success, and I know that you will continue to succeed in everything you do.

    Greg Bell


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