My Experience Interning at a NYFW Event Sponsored by Brother

By: Morgan Upham

During New York Fashion Week, I was given the amazing opportunity to intern with Caravan Stylist Studios (a beauty and styling studio for influencers and celebrities) in Midtown Manhattan. The studio hosted a fashion week event at the Gregory Hotel where they set up a special Recharge Lounge for people to relax in between shows. The event also featured a fashion installation, which showcased designs from a Caravan X Tabii collaboration. The collection focused on the use of ethically sourced materials to create customizable dresses. I was so impressed by the event, especially how customers were able to pick their own size, silhouette, color, pattern, and fabrics, and then the design team would create the personalized garment right in front of them.  One of the major sponsors of the event was Brother, who was able to provide the machines and materials for the design team in order to make the event a success.


When I received the call to intern at the event I was ecstatic and ready for the opportunity to get my foot in the door & network with professionals in the industry. Although there was some coffee running and other errands involved, the internship experience was overall a great one. I was exposed to many fashion influencers, bloggers, and even actresses and TV personalities while helping out within the beauty studio. Through the Caravan x Tabii fashion installation, I was able to support an ethical cause that I’m passionate about while also meeting up-and-coming designers and assisting them throughout the weekend.


My responsibilities included greeting guests and helping them get comfortable in the studio before their appointments, assisting Caravan’s hair and makeup stylist, and contributing to their social media pages. On the final day of my internship, I was able to attend a fashion week presentation with the founder of Caravan. The event was hosted by Ivy Connect and showcased designs from a recent Parson’s graduate and talented emerging designer, Kristi Vosbeck. At the event, I was able to mingle with industry professionals, photographers, and CEOs of various fashion companies, including The Internet of Fashion. I even made friends with the band that performed at the event, Argonaut & Wasp, and was able to reconnect with them again for dinner and drinks later on in the evening. Overall, the internship at Caravan and the fashion presentation at Ivy Connect allowed me to make amazing connections within the fashion industry and also gave me insight into the beautiful chaos of NYFW.

Thank you Brother for sponsoring the Caravan x Tabii event, and for showing your support for sustainable fashion.


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