Aspiring Costume Designer!

Name: Jamie Nolanimg_4633

Location: Marist College, Poughkeepsie, NY

Highest Level of Education: Currently pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree

Ability Level: Advanced

Type of Sewing: Fashion Design, Garment sewing

Occupation: Full time student

What is your dream machine and why? My dream machine is an industrial singer machine, I have a home heavy-duty singer machine which also does embroidery. I’ve always wanted to be a costume designer for projects like tv shows, movies, and plays. I love the idea of designing clothes for a story.

Contact Jamie via Instagram

jamie-nolan-2Are you available for hire or seeking internship opportunities? I currently have a job, but I am always looking for new opportunities! 

I have been passionate about sewing for as long as I can remember. When I was very young I would spend all of my time filling journals with my drawings and designs. Since I was little I was only able to hand sew, so then I started making clothes for my dolls. I would cut up all my clothes and blankets into shapes and use them to make mini clothes. Then when I got older I started practicing with an actual sewing machine. I’ve always been captivated by the movement of long dresses, and all the different traditional clothes worn today as well as a long time ago. I love looking back and researching what people used to wear, and recreating them myself. Sewing and creativity has always come naturally to me since I was a little girl. I was lucky enough to attend a high school with a art Fashion Design elective, which I took for four years in a row. I spent those four years practicing and being creative. Then I was lucky enough to study Fashion Design abroad for nine months in Florence, Italy. It was the most creative experience of my life. Now I’m leaving the Fashion Program to pursue either my true passion, Costume Design, or a different artistic career.




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