A Message from Cassandra Pintro

Dear Sewist’s, 
Although I am still very young and still learning within the fashion industry, I have definitely learned so much. I am self taught with majority of my work along with self-driven. In this new age of fashion it is so critical to maintain yourself, build yourself, and most of all stay well connected in the industry. I personally never say no, it’s my philosophy. With all this in mind it is clear you need the help of others. Using myself as an example I built a beautiful blog that took off really quickly and got an insane amount of attention so fast. As a full time student it became a lot for me and without a lot of help at the time I wasn’t able to continue it. Having a community like Stitching through New York where they not only believe in their customers, they try to connect them to share the things they have alike and make sure no one has to experience set backs like I had to. I am now building myself back up even stronger this time around and I am so exited to have Stitching through New York be apart of that!
All the best,
Cassandra Pintro 

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