Bamn by Sha’velle

Name: Sha’velle Davis

shavelle-2Location: New York, New York

Highest Level of Education: Bachelor of Arts In Fashion Merchandising

Ability Level: Advanced

Type of Sewing: Fashion Design, Garment Sewing, Casual Sewing, Dress Maker, Teacher.

Occupation: Fashion Designer, Teaching Artist for LeAp NYC and Manhattan Youth, Freelance Teaching other organizations as well.

What advice can you give to young sewers? Once you learn to put in a zipper you can concur the world.

What kind of machines do you own? I have a total of 5 working machines, two very old Singers, that I do not use because I feel like they are ancient and I cherish them. I currently use a Brother overlock 1034D, I own two of them and a regular home sewing machine that is a Singer.

What is your dream machine? My dream machine is an industrial machine. I’m working on positioning myself as a small business, I’m sure a lot of my clients do too.  I would like to organize my life in a way that it all comes together for me.


How did you get into sewing? What inspires you? I started off hand sewing clothes for my barbies, and as I got older my Great Aunt Sharon taught me how to use the machine. I fell into teaching fashion to younger children I have no clue how, but that is one thing I am passionate about is teaching children to sew and hopefully inspire and encourage them to start their very own businesses.


Why do you sew?  I never thought of it as just apart of my life or my upbringing. I got into sewing as a child I spent a lot of time around my Great Aunt who taught me. Sewing is relaxing for me. Its an outlet to my imagination and through it I’m able to show people my creativity and often surprise myself.


Contact Sha’velle:


Big Cartel


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