Stitching through New York!

Hello, welcome to the official blog site sponsored by Sew Right Sewing Machines! Stitching through New York, serves as an online networking community connecting all sewers, quilters, embroiderers, and designers while showcasing their latest talents and trends.

The Founder:

aaeaaqaaaaaaaa1eaaaajdliy2vkodazlwqwyjutndi1yi1immywltazmge4zjc3odewngJacqueline Gruber is the fourth generation to be involved in the sewing industry. As an aspiring publicist, her interest in the industry began while helping out in her father’s store as a young girl. She was always fascinated by the power of what a machine can do. Currently, Jacqueline is a sophomore attending Marist College where she is majoring in Communications with concentrations in Public Relations and Advertising, while also pursuing a minor in Graphic Design. Jackie has always loved blogging, so the idea for Stitching through New York immediately sparked while interacting with customers at her father’s store Sew Right Sewing Machines located in Bayside, Queens.

Everyone has a unique story and the world deserved to hear it. It doesn’t matter if you are a fashion designer, quilter, dressmaker, embroiderer, or recreational sewer, everyone is passionate about what they do. Ultimately, my goal is to build an online networking community, allowing people to interact with others, while being inspired to create new things. Stitching through New York, will provide sewing enthusiast to connect with other sewers at local events, while teaching them the importance of self promotion to enhance their businesses and artistic talents.

Interested in being featured? Contact Jacqueline at stitchingthroughnewyork@gmail.com.